3 Questions To Always Ask Before You Hire An HVAC Repair Contractor


During the steamiest days of summer and through the coldest frozen nights of winter, your air conditioning and heating unit is working its hardest to keep you comfortable. However, due to extreme conditions and the natural wear and tear incurred in any mechanical unit, your system will break down sooner or later. Who can you trust to complete a quality and timely HVAC repair to save the day and get your unit working properly again?

One quick search on the internet will usually yield a mind boggling amount of results. How should you shift through them to select the best contractor for the job? Below I have created 3 questions you should always ask before you hire an HVAC repair contractor.

  1. Do you have a strong and positive reputation?

Ask the contractor how long they have been in business and if they have all the proper licenses and certifications needed to legally complete repairs. All contractors must meet basic standards and requirements. Have they received any accolades from the Better Business Bureau or any other reputable publications?

As well as meeting basic standards, a quality contractor should have great reviews online or should be recommended by word of mouth from family, friends, and local publications. Reading previous customer reviews and testimonies is a great way to get a sense of the quality of work you can expect from a contractor. Avoid any contractor with multiple negative reviews or reoccurring issues from varying customers.

  1. What brands are you certified to repair?

The best contractors work with the top brand names and have technicians that continue to receive ongoing technical training. Hiring contractors who are directly certified to repair top brand units ensures your HVAC repair will be completed by a knowledgeable and experienced technician who knows the ins and outs of your particular unit.

  1. Do you offer a money backed guarantee and maintenance programs?

A reputable contractor should honor brand warranties and offer you a money backed guarantee on the work they complete. If a contractor does not stand by their work, they should be avoided.

Along with completing quality repairs and offering a guarantee, a good contractor should offer and honor maintenance programs on your unit as well. Maintenance programs help simplify the process of caring for your unit and can help minimize the chance your HVAC unit breaks down in the first place. These maintenance programs are especially useful for businesses where HVAC break downs could be catastrophic, such as restaurants or warehousing.

A contractor who stands by their work and offers maintenance programs shows they are confident that you’ll be satisfied with your HVAC repair.

Even when your HVAC unit goes on the fritz, these 3 questions to ask can help you find a quality contractor willing and ready to take care of all your HVAC repair needs.

For more information about HVAC repair and maintenance, visit HessAir.com.


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