3 Tips That Help You Avoid Costly Summer Air Conditioning Repairs


Air conditioning is one of the luxuries we often take for granted, until it is gone. In the dead heat of summer, while the sun is blazing overhead and temperatures outside are soaring, our AC unit works harder than ever to keep us cool inside our homes. Air conditioning repairs can be costly and inconvenient, but there are some tips that can help keep your air conditioning in the summer running perfectly throughout the hot season. Here are 3 tips that help you avoid costly summer air conditioning repairs.

  1. Change your air filter regularly

The summer months are the hardest on your AC unit for many reasons. Not only is the poor machine struggling to keep you cool while the sun continuously heats up your home, but many air contaminants make their way through your HVAC system as well. During the summer months, trees, flowers, and weeds are in bloom. This extra dust, pollen, dirt, and even mold floating around in the air can clog up your air filters and reduce the amount of fresh air getting to the system. Clogged air filters reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and no longer filter out all the impurities leading to allergies and more dust in your home. With decreased air flow and higher temperatures your AC unit is at risk of failing completely- causing a need for costly repairs. Changing your air filters on a regular schedule as recommended by the manufacturer can do wonders for reducing repairs and keeping your air as clean as possible.

  1. Keep your AC unit and thermostat far away from hot sources

A badly installed thermostat will send the wrong signals to your HVAC unit. Air conditioning in the summer can sometimes run longer than it needs to because the thermostat that controls it is too close to a heat source. Thermostats work best when they are installed properly and in places that accurately measure the proper temperatures. Make sure your thermostat is not located to any potential heat sources such as ovens, clothes dryers, or even spots that receive extra sunlight.

  1. Set a timer or adjust your AC throughout the day

There is no need to cool your home if it is going to be vacant. Summer seasons usually lead to giant spikes in the electric bill. Save yourself some money by turning down the thermostat before you leave for work or setting a timer to regulate the temperature throughout the day. You will not only save yourself money, but you will reduce the strain on your air conditioner. Running your air conditioner non stop day after day can lead to the coolant lines freezing. A simple fix for this is to shut the air off for an hour or two to allow the lines a chance to unfreeze. This can often allow the AC unit to resume its job and avoid unnecessary service calls.

With these 3 easy tips you should be able to avoid the most common mistakes that can lead to unwanted repairs.

To learn more about air conditioning in the summer and AC repairs, click here.





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