5 Facts About Air Vent Cleaning You Really Need To Know



Almost every home owner understands the importance of regular maintenance on their hvac unit and appliances. However, many overlook the necessity of regularly cleaning the air vents and ducts as part of the regular maintenance for their air conditioning or heating unit. Why is cleaning out the air ducts so important and why should you do it? Here are 5 facts about air vent cleaning you really need to know.

  1. It reduces wear on your HVAC unit.

Regularly cleaning your air ducts reduces the overall wear on your hvac unit. Clogged ducts can create air flow blockages and cause your unit to work harder than it should to maintain the temperatures controlled on the thermostat. Overtime, this extra wear and tear can reduce the efficiency and life of your unit.

  1. Creates improved air quality.

Even if you have regularly serviced your hvac unit, have a clean filter installed, and are pushing the right amount of air flow to heat or cool your home, the dirt inside your ducts will only stir up debris and blow dirty air around your home. This lowers the quality of your air and can cause many irritating symptoms such as allergies.

  1. Reduces the amount of dust.

Similar to the reason above, cleaning out the air ducts will reduce the amount of dust the circulates throughout the inside of your home. This reduces the time spent dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces and may extend the life of other products in your home such as furniture and electronics.

  1. It is not easy to do by yourself.

Properly cleaning out the air ducts in your home takes equipment especially designed for the task. It would be very expensive and time consuming to complete the job by yourself. A certified professional can easily and quickly get the job done in a day or less with the proper tools and expertise. Seek out a professional for your air vent cleaning. 

  1. Makes homeowners and inhabitants alike, happy.

Homeowners love clean ducts because it leads to clean air and a more efficient cooling and heating system. Inhabitants love the clean air quality and lack of dust in their home. Furthermore, renters who clean the ducts can ensure they are not held liable for damage caused to the hvac units in their home due to negligence. This leads to happy rental owners, happy renters, and helps result in full refunds of deposits in rental arrangements.

The importance of air vent cleaning cannot be underestimated. Maintain a clean home and ensure your heating and air conditioning unit works at its most efficient rate by hiring a reputable company to regularly clean your air vents.

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